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Kicking A and Taking Names

So I shared with you my worst day so far. Now it's time for the day where I shone like a star.  It was yesterday, and it was a day with many bumps in the road.  With each bump I asked for God's help, looked for the good and told myself that these were my choices.  I was where I was at yesterday because I chose that, and at the end of the day I was smiling.

I started the day by taking my son to daycare, and staying home with my daughter who was still fighting off being sick.  She was feeling ok so we painted toes, she colored and we were doing good.

I got a knock at the door and knew it was a package my husband ordered.  It was replacement blades for a stupid toy helicopter he brought with him.  Apparently it is not enough to fly the real thing.  He also needs to fly toys.  When I got the package I noticed it was torn up, and there was a sticker on it.  It said the package was damaged at receipt, empty at receipt and unsealed at receipt.  The empty part wasn't entirely true.  The receipt was still in it.  I was a bit disappointed because I had been waiting on those before I sent him my next package.

I calmly got on Amazon and tried to find a number to call.  I couldn't do the online stuff because it was all to return a product and get new.  I had nothing to return, but I couldn't for the life of me find a number.

I looked up from my search long enough to see my daughter, now playing pirates, running through the living room.  She hopped on her overturned little kid couch and fell.  Poor girl smacked her chin on the wood floor.  I grabbed her and began checking to see that her teeth were all accounted for, and she didn't bit off her tongue.  All was good, but then the flood gates on her chin opened.  There was blood everywhere.

I was calm, and I was able to calm her down.  I called the doctor's office because I could see this split needed more than just kisses from mommy.  Baby girl was great on the way.  She held a rag to her chin the whole way, and didn't cry once after the initial screaming and crying.  God made my little girl pretty tough too.

We were in the lobby at the clinic when I got a call from daycare.  My son now had a fever and was screaming for me.  I explained to the director what happened, and she said they would keep the little man comfortable while I took care of my little girl.  I'm so thankful they are understanding.

The doctor decided to use glue on her chin.  It will leave more of a scar than stitches would have, but it is under her chin it's not like people are going to notice it.  She was amazing during the whole thing.  Such a brave little girl.  No crying even though I could tell she was scared out of her mind.  The no crying or fighting it made it easier on momma too.  I would have felt bad having to hold her down while they cleaned and glued her cut.  It made me smile a little to see how well she was doing.  I know I don't have to worry about her.  She will grow up to be a strong woman someday.

We got the little man picked up, and he looked horrible.  He did light up as much as he could when he saw me which melts my heart every time.  I love picking him up from daycare and seeing how happy he gets just to see me.  It was good to know even sick he still lights up simply from my presence.

When we got home I got the kids settled into watching a movie on the iPad while I used my phone to search for a number for Amazon.  After a few minutes of my new search I found it, and there was no wait for customer service.  The woman on the phone was super nice, and new blades will be here tomorrow.  It took me longer to find the number than it did to get the issue corrected.

The icing on the cake was when I was getting into bed.  I heard a thump from my poor daughter's room.  I had to laugh as I realized she did in fact inherit my lack of any grace at all.  I was still half laughing when I went into her room, put her back in bed and got her to sleep again.

Some times winning is ending a day with a smile on your face when everything says you should probably be crying with a glass of wine and waving a white flag.  I kicked A yesterday.  I faced each challenge by asking God for help and knowing he was in control.  I stayed positive and looked for the good, and at the end of the day I was proud of how I handled everything.  I never once lost it nor did I ever question if I could do it all.  Yesterday I was the rock star I strive to be, and I will brag about myself because who else will let me know I'm doing a good job.


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