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You Know You're A Working Mom When...Really?

I recently read an article by Rebecca Rose on  Her article was entitled You know you are a working mom when.....I'm not so into her list.  It is far too negative for me so here is my own list.

You know you're a working mom when.....
You set really high goals for yourself, and you demand the best of yourself every day as a wife, mother, professional and friend.  You may have days where you can't be everything to everyone, but you have expertly learned to prioritize and make sure your goals are eventually met and all needs are met as they arise.

You know you're a working mom when....
You feel like you have to complete a marathon in sprint pace every morning.  (This I agree with her on).  Mornings are tough, and it seems like no matter how early I get up a curveball is thrown and I'm late.  Oh well...better luck tomorrow.  I also know this will change drastically when CJ is home from deployment.  A little help with dressing the minions is al…

My Bucket List

As any military member or spouse or anyone in law enforcement or their spouses will tell you our mortality is not taken for granted.  I am not only a military wife, I am a Trooper's wife and a Detective.  I haven't had any close calls nor have I lost any of my coworkers, but the shots fired calls have been all too close at times.  There have been many times where I was keenly aware of the fact that I was not invincible yet I didn't let it bother me too much.

It wasn't until 2011 when I realized just how fragile life is.  That was when a coworker my age was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of leukemia.  Although he fought, he understood this was not a battle he would likely win so he made a bucket list.  He got to do some of the things on his bucket list including a Boston Red Sox gam, but his cancer spread too quickly for him to do everything on the list.  I almost cried when we learned the Red Sox were footing the bill for him and his wife to go.

After he passed …


I have squirrels!  At least that is what CJ calls them.  My "squirrels" are a direct result of my ADHD.  Every time I bounce completely unexpectedly to a new topic it is a squirrel.  Think of the dog in the movie up.
I like calling them squirrels instead of ADHD.  It sounds so clinical and so negative.  Because of my squirrels I am a random person.  I have a vivid imagination, and I am really smart.  When your mind never stops you take in all sorts of things.  Granted I may have spaced off something important and retained a lot of insignificant crap, but I still know a lot of stuff.
I was formally diagnosed when I was 28, and I have recently started taking medications.  I don't see this as giving up, but more as a way of controlling some of the less than desirable side effects of my squirrels.  I realized with everything going on in my life I needed to be able to concentrate a bit more.
Someone asked me what differences I could see after started medication.  The only way to…