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I have squirrels!  At least that is what CJ calls them.  My "squirrels" are a direct result of my ADHD.  Every time I bounce completely unexpectedly to a new topic it is a squirrel.  Think of the dog in the movie up.

I like calling them squirrels instead of ADHD.  It sounds so clinical and so negative.  Because of my squirrels I am a random person.  I have a vivid imagination, and I am really smart.  When your mind never stops you take in all sorts of things.  Granted I may have spaced off something important and retained a lot of insignificant crap, but I still know a lot of stuff.

I was formally diagnosed when I was 28, and I have recently started taking medications.  I don't see this as giving up, but more as a way of controlling some of the less than desirable side effects of my squirrels.  I realized with everything going on in my life I needed to be able to concentrate a bit more.

Someone asked me what differences I could see after started medication.  The only way to explain it was before medicine my brain was driving in LA at rush hour all the time.  It is madness, and trying to sort through it was exhausting.  With medication my brain is now driving in Boston at 11:00 am on a Saturday.  There are still distractions, but I can overcome them easier.  I still have to concentrate to not get off course, but it is not the exhausting effort I was putting in before.

Here's to all the random kids out there.  You are not learning disabled.  Your brain is amazing.  The people telling you you have a disability simply don't understand how much you can do.  This is not to say there are not struggles.  There are, but you are smart.  Really smart.  You can conquer the world.  Focus on what you love (did I really just say focus) and go for it.  Never let anyone tell you you have a disability.

Here's to all the parents out there seeing squirrels in their own children.  Things will occasionally be tough, but it is on you to make sure your child knows they are not to disabled.  Do not let them use ADHD as an excuse.  It is not.  Push them to do more, to do better and to never give up.  I wish you could see what is going on in your child's brain.  It is amazing, but with that comes some hurdles.  If you feel like your child needs medication make sure you are going to a proper psychologist/psychiatrist for their diagnosis.  For many this will be a life long diagnosis so make sure it to is correct.  


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