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My Bucket List

As any military member or spouse or anyone in law enforcement or their spouses will tell you our mortality is not taken for granted.  I am not only a military wife, I am a Trooper's wife and a Detective.  I haven't had any close calls nor have I lost any of my coworkers, but the shots fired calls have been all too close at times.  There have been many times where I was keenly aware of the fact that I was not invincible yet I didn't let it bother me too much.

It wasn't until 2011 when I realized just how fragile life is.  That was when a coworker my age was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of leukemia.  Although he fought, he understood this was not a battle he would likely win so he made a bucket list.  He got to do some of the things on his bucket list including a Boston Red Sox gam, but his cancer spread too quickly for him to do everything on the list.  I almost cried when we learned the Red Sox were footing the bill for him and his wife to go.

After he passed I decided to make my own bucket list.  I decided I needed to make sure I was living my life to the fullest.  So in honor of 328 (that was his badge number) here is my bucket list.

1. See every Major League Baseball team play at least 1 home game.  I grew up around baseball, and I love watching games.  There is nothing like the atmosphere of a ball game.  So far I have seen 4 teams play home games.  I have a long ways to go!

2. Get my Master's Degree.  This one is a lot about proving someone wrong, but I will also use it in my career.  When I was in high school the mom of a girl in my class told someone I would never amount to anything.  So far I have been successful in every stage of my education and career, and I have worked a lot of major cases considering I'm only 30.  I know she thinks I'm just a dumb cop, but I smile when I see her around.  I know that part of my success was formed out of a drive to prove her wrong. So thank you, and I will continue to prove her wrong

3. Spend at least 2 weeks touring Europe.  I really want to do several week long trips to different areas.  My biggest problem is I have no clue where to start.  I was a history major in college so there are a million different things I want to see.  It's overwhelming to think about how I will fit everything in.  Holland, France, Italy, Scotland, Great Britain, Germany, Portugal, Spain.........

4. Go skydiving.  This one is for my friend who passed.  A bunch of guys were going to go with him when I was pregnant.  I told him when I wasn't pregnant I would go with him.  Unfortunately he got too sick a week before they were supposed to go, and he never made it.

5. Go scuba diving.  This one should be easy.  My neighbor is a part owner of a dive shop.  When CJ gets back I'm going to get certified.  Then we are off to Jamaica where I can try out my new skills! This one is done! I got my scuba certificate in 2015, and my advanced in 2016. Now I just need an island, warm weather and clear waters!

6. LASIK eye surgery.  This one scares the crap out of me, but I need it so bad.  I don't remember ever waking up and being able to see clearly.  I want it so badly, but theta thought of it makes me want to vomit.  Do you know that you can smell them burning your eyeball?  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I did it, and it was every bit as terrifying as I expected.  I have been in some not so hot situations at work, but this is by far the scariest thing I've ever done.  The good news is I went from legally blind without glasses or contacts to slightly better than 20/20!!!

I think my bucket list covers everything I want it to at this stage in my life.  I'm sure as I mature my list will change, but that is fine.  This list is about making sure I enjoy life not just checking items off a list.


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